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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: A Path Among Stones The Matrix
"A Path Among Stones"
Matrix Comics Vol. 2
Story and art by Gregory Ruth


Young Emma sees the real world only when she closes her eyes.


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Emma Pearson

Dr. Simon Avery

Mrs. Pearson (Emma's mother)

Mr. Pearson (mentioned only)

Dr. Frey

Uncle Mack (mentioned only)

Mr. Finn

Mr. Jones


Didja Notice?


This story opens on February 12, 2002...but that is a date given inside the Matrix, not the actual date, which would be centuries later.


Dr. Avery tells Mrs. Pearson he believes her daughter may be suffering a type of schizophrenia called Corona's Disorder. Schizophrenia, despite popular perception, is not related to multiple personality disorder but to a person with confused beliefs about reality, suffers hallucinations, and engages in abnormal social behavior. Corona's Disorder itself appears to be a fictitious malady.


Emma's doll which she calls Charlie looks like it may have been a Raggedy Andy doll before her modifications to it. Raggedy Ann and Andy were ragdolls and characters in a series of children's books created by American writer Johnny Gruelle beginning in 1915.


On pages 4 and 5 of the story, young Emma tries to explain why she doesn't like the bathtub or taking baths anymore. It's clear she's having sense impressions of being in a pod.


The "Shadows" Emma describes are Agents.


At the end of the story, Mr. Finn and Mr. Jones come to pick up Emma. Finn and Jones are, of course, Agents. It's unclear if the Mr. Jones who appears here is the same Agent who goes by that name in The Matrix.


Emma seems to develop a quick fondness for Dr. Frey and wants to know where he is when Mr. Finn and Mr. Jones come to pick her up. They tell Emma she'll be with him "soon enough". Since he demonstrated to Emma he also knew the term "Matrix", it seems that Dr. Frey may have been one of the awoke and his plan had been to help Emma understand what was really happening. But the Agents' interception of Emma suggests he was found out in the past day and has been neutralized, as she will now be. 


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