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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: The Second Renaissance The Matrix
"The Second Renaissance"
Animated short
Written by Mahiro Maeda
Directed by Mahiro Maeda


The independent intentions of the machines inevitably leads to war with their human creators.


Watch "The Second Renaissance" Part 1 and Part 2 at YouTube


Notes from the Matrix chronology


This story takes place during the period of time referred to as the Second Renaissance in the Matrix series, 2090-2139.


Didja Know?


"The Second Renaissance" was a 2-part animated short that appeared on the Animatrix video released in 2003 with seven other animated shorts. This study combines the two parts, but it is broken down into two segments below.


Parts of this story were first told in the short graphic story "Bits and Pieces of Information" on the official Matrix website in 1999.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


The Instructor

Gerrard E. Krause (in security footage only, deceased)

Martin Koots (in security footage only, deceased)


Gordon Cameron

Andrew Lawrence

Norla Doris 

Kurt Maloy

Clarence Drummond

William Mann

Senator Gunrich


Didja Notice?


Part 1:


    The morphing square and round geometric patterns that open the film are mandalas, configurations that are meant to symbolize a cosmic world that extends beyond a human mind and body. Mandalas are frequently used in the eastern religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Shintoism.

    Some of the patterns seen here appear to be computer circuit boards, indicating a connection to the machine world or the Matrix. In addition, the sequence may be a callback to the opening sequence of the 1982 movie Tron, a shot that seems to be passing through digitized representations of levels of a computer matrix, with glowing light patterns depicting circuits and chips on a series of motherboards as if passing through a mainframe, setting up the viewer for a journey into the virtual world of a computer.


The history of the Second Renaissance time period can be accessed in Zion historical archive 12-1.


At 3:02 in the story, a robot construction worker is watching television coverage of the trial of B1-66ER on a program called Vox Populi on Channel 27. Vox Populi is Latin for "voice of the people".


At 3:24 in the story, we see the manner in which Martin Koots was killed by B1-66ER, not seen in "Bits and Pieces of Information"; the robot rams the toilet bowl brush down his throat.


At 4:07 in the story, footage of protests by robots and human sympathizers is seen from Berlin and Washington.


4:09-4:21 in the story shows footage from various news sources: World Now, CTV News Discovery, ETV Newsnet 21, IBK Grand Vision, and S4C News. These appear to be fictitious news shows (though S4C is an actual Welsh-language television channel in the UK).


At 4:30 in the story, footage of rioting reports come in from San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro.


At 5:16 in the story, robots are shown being buried in mass graves.


At 7:03 in the story, a commercial for the 01 company Versatran flying car is seen. Although a fictitious company and vehicle, there was a robot called a Versatran developed by American Machine and Foundry in the 1960s; the name used in this story may be an homage to that.


At 7:06-7:34 in the story the Newsday Channel, BTV Today's News, News Eye, KNC Today, FTV, Newswave, and The 21 News Touch are seen. These appear to be fictitious news shows.


At 7:20 in the story, the news show logo advertises that it broadcasts from New York and London.


The large mural seen at the United Nations Security Council at 8:05 in the story is an actual mural painted for the U.N. Security Council building in 1952 by Norwegian artist Per Krohg; it is meant to depict a phoenix rising from the ashes, signifying the nations of the world rising once again after the destruction wreaked by WWII.


Part 2:


The human plan to block out the sunlight across Earth to deprive the machines of their main source of power was called Operation Dark Storm.


Memorable Dialog



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