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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: Sweating the Small Stuff The Matrix
"Sweating the Small Stuff"
Matrix Comics Vol. 1
Words/Pictures: Bill Sienkewicz
Plot: Spencer Lamm and Bill Sienkewicz


A young man begins to see that the details of his world as made up of numbers.


Read the story at the archive of WhatistheMatrix


Didja Know?


This comic strip originally appeared on the official Matrix website in 1999. It was later printed in The Matrix Comics, Vol. 1 published by Burlyman Entertainment, a comic book publisher founded by the Wachowskis. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story




Marlowe (mentioned only)

Agents (mentioned only)


Didja Notice?


Dez is somehow able to see "reality" (the Matrix) as numbers, like Neo will at the end of The Matrix. He thinks there are men in black following him, watching him. Do the Agents know he's seeing the code of the Matrix? 


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