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Episode Studies
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This is PopApostle's study of the Matrix movies, animated shorts, and comic books. Here, I am presenting my studies relating to each, such as commentary on the weapons and equipment used by the characters, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs and my own musings.


Even though there are no TV episodes of The Matrix at this time, I am continuing to use the term "episode" here as I have elsewhere on PopApostle, as a separable piece in the continuous narrative of a larger story.

The Matrix: Bits and Pieces of Information The Matrix: The Second Renaissance The Matrix: Déjá Vu The Matrix: A Path Among Stones The Matrix: Goliath
"Bits and Pieces of Information" "The Second Renaissance" "Déjà Vu" "A Path Among Stones" "Goliath"
Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Animatrix Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 1
In the early 21st Century humans invent intelligent machines. It all goes well for a while…until the first time a robot gains a will of its own and intentionally kills a human being. The independent intentions of the machines inevitably leads to war with their human creators. A woman begins to predict future events. Young Emma sees the real world only when she closes her eyes. The machines turn to a human in the Matrix to save the world from an extraterrestrial threat.
The Matrix: Farewell Performance The Matrix: The Miller's Tale The Matrix: There Are No Flowers in the Real World The Matrix: The Man Who Knew Too Much The Matrix: A Detective Story
Farewell Performance "The Miller’s Tale" "There Are No Flowers in the Real World" "The Man Who Knew Too Much" "A Detective Story"
Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Matrix Comics online Animatrix
Can the world’s greatest escape artist escape the Matrix? Twice a year, the residents of Zion partake in the Bread Feast and hear the Miller’s Tale. Rocket struggles to keep himself together in the Matrix while his body lies dying in the real world. When you gaze into the Matrix, the Matrix also gazes at you. A private eye is hired to track down an elusive and mysterious hacker named Trinity.
The Matrix: Sweating the Small Stuff The Matrix The Matrix: Path of Neo The Matrix: Artistic Freedom The Matrix: Beyond
"Sweating the Small Stuff" The Matrix Path of Neo "Artistic Freedom" "Beyond"
Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Movie Video game Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Animatrix
A young man begins to see that the details of his world as made up of numbers. A young cyber-jockey called Neo is told by a mysterious group that he will become the savior of humankind from its long sleep in the Matrix. Neo undertakes several missions to bring potential red pills back to the real world. An artist’s sculptures of the mechanical beasts of her dreams triggers fear in many who see them. Some youngsters play in a “haunted house” in their neighborhood.
The Matrix: Morning Sickness The Matrix: Hunters and Collectors The Matrix: Wrong Number The Matrix: A Life Less Empty The Matrix: Butterfly
"Morning Sickness" "Hunters and Collectors" "Wrong Number" "A Life Less Empty" "Butterfly"
Matrix Comics online Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Matrix Comics Vol. 1
A woman undertakes a mission to secure a fetus pod from the growing fields. The deaths of his shipmates on the Pequod turns an archaeologist from a collector to a hunter. A gentle giant of a man is used by the Agents. A hacker recalls her one and only meeting with the legendary Morpheus and asks, “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the red pill?” There was once a man who dreamed he was a butterfly…
The Matrix: Matriculated The Matrix: Program The Matrix: World Record The Matrix: Kid's Story The Matrix: Burning Hope
"Matriculated" "Program" "World Record" "Kid’s Story" "Burning Hope"
Animatrix Animatrix Animatrix Animatrix Matrix Comics Vol. 1
"Matriculated" was an animated short that appeared on the Animatrix video relased in 2003 with seven other animated shorts. A young woman tests her skills in the virtual world of her favorite samurai program…and finds she is not alone in it. A professional sprinter unknowingly manipulates the Matrix in his determination to beat his own athletic best. A teenage boy begins to realize that he is not living in the real world. A little girl aware of the Matrix eludes Agents by assuming different bodies.
The Matrix: A Sword of a Different Color The Matrix: System Freeze The Matrix: The King of Never Return The Matrix: An Asset to the System The Matrix: Broadcast Depth
"A Sword of a Different Color" "System Freeze" "The King of Never Return" "An Asset to the System" "Broadcast Depth"
Matrix Comics Vol. 1 Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 2
A crazy old man is found surviving in the ruins of the Earth’s surface. A fatally injured climber on Mt. Everest is offered a second chance. Most people remain unaware of the Matrix. Some get the chance to take the red pill or the blue pill. But is there another choice? A security guard witnesses his partner’s sudden transformation into an Agent. Some precocious Potentials spell trouble for the Calappidae.
The Matrix: An Easy One The Matrix: Let It All Fall Down The Matrix: Return of the Prodigal Son The Matrix: Final Flight of the Osiris The Matrix: Ghost in the Machine
"An Easy One" "Let It All Fall Down" "Return of the Prodigal Son" "Final Flight of the Osiris" "Ghost in the Machine"
Matrix Comics online Matrix Comics online Matrix Comics online Animatrix Video game
While some crooks set out to rob a bank, Zion operatives seek to stop a virus. Both groups are after the same thing. A programmer uncovers evidence that the world is not real. A two-bit hood thinks he's finally seen the light. The Osiris’ crew races against death to warn Zion of an impending attack on the city. Ghost takes on the mission to retrieve the data left at the Matrix drop point by the Osiris.
The Matrix Reloaded Enter the Matrix The Matrix: Day In...Day Out The Matrix: Run, Saga, Run The Matrix Revolutions
The Matrix Reloaded Enter the Matrix "Day In...Day Out" "Run, Saga, Run" The Matrix Revolutions
Movie Video game Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Movie
Agent Smith returns with the ability to replicate himself and a desire for revenge against Neo; meanwhile, Neo revisits the Oracle and Zion prepares for the machine attack. Ghost and Niobe take on backup missions as Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity confront the powers behind the fate of Zion. A bluepill in the Matrix laments the monotony of her life. One of the Oracle’s students bristles under the constraints of training. Agent Smith enters the real world; humankind approaches its doom in Zion; Neo decides he must take the fight to the machines.
The Matrix: Saviors The Matrix: I Kant The Matrix Online The Matrix Resurrections  
"Saviors" "I Kant" The Matrix Online The Matrix Resurrections  
Matrix Comics Vol. 2 Matrix Comics Vol. 2 MMORPG Movie  
A young man betrays his human colleagues, not convinced they are the true saviors. Kid returns to the Matrix. Humans and machines subsist in an uneasy truce after Neo's sacrifice to save both worlds. Neo is mysteriously resurrected in the Matrix. But can he become the man he once was?