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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: System Freeze The Matrix
"System Freeze"
Short story
Written by Poppy Z. Brite
Illustrations by Dave Dorman


A fatally injured climber on Mt. Everest is offered a second chance.


Read the story (with Kaluta illustrations) at the Internet Archive


Didja Know?


This illustrated text story originally appeared with illustrations by Michael Kaluta on the official Matrix website in 2002. It was later printed in The Matrix Comics, Vol. 2 published by Burlyman Entertainment, a comic book publisher founded by the Wachowskis, with new illustrations by Dave Dorman. Why the illustrations were replaced has not been revealed by the publisher.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Fria Canning

Japanese climber (corpse only)

Agent John Fine



Didja Notice?


Fria says a prayer to Chomolungma for the dead man's body she finds on the slope of Mount Everest. Chomolungma is the Tibetan name for the mountain, meaning "Holy Mother". It is the highest mountain above sea level on Earth at 29,029 feet.


When Agent Fine appears to her after her fall into a crevasse, Fria muses that he's dressed like a CIA spook. The CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency, one of the major intelligence agencies of the United States government.


This story is the first time we encounter an Agent who identifies himself with both a first and last name, Agent John Fine. Normally only a last name is given, such as Agent Smith.


Returning home after scaling Mount Everest, Fria's path takes her through Namche Bazaar (a town in Nepal popular with mountain climbers), Kathmandu, London, and New York.


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